Poetry news from Calhounland!

Hello to my friends in poetry!

As we move into November, there is a lot going on, seemingly all of a sudden. But as someone wiser than me has said, sometimes “overnight success” is only accomplished by working hard at something for a long time. At any rate, here’s what’s up.

Much good news
As October turns the corner into November, here’s the good news on the Calhoun front.:

• Caper Literary Journal has nominated my poem “Fever Pitch” for the Sundress Best of the Net anthology.
• Boston Literary Magazine has nominated “Walking Something” for a Pushcart Prize!
• I am one of two featured poets on Rick Lupert’s Poetry Super Highway website the week of November 1 – November 7.
• I will be the guest on The Joe Milford Show on Blog Talk Radio this Saturday, November 6 at 7 p.m. Eastern Time.
• My latest chapbook, Retreating Aggressively into the Dark, releases from Big Table Publishing this week.

Call for submissions of poems
I know that there are a number of poets on this mailing list. If I have encouraged you to submit, or if your work has already appeared in Pig in a Poke magazine, please take this as a reminder to send me your best work. Got a good short literary essay? I’ll take a look at that too.

Thanks as always for your interest in my “second career” in poetry and to those who asked to be added to this mailing list. If anybody doesn’t want to be along for this ride, please drop me a line and I will remove you from the list.




~ by harryc13 on November 1, 2010.

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