Chant of the ever-circling poetry family

If you’re wondering, the title is a paraphrase of the last song on David Bowie’s 1974 album Diamond Dogs. It was called “Chant of the ever-circling skeletal family,” but the folks I’m talking about are far from being skeletons, or even deceased, for that matter.

So many times over the past few years, as I’ve become more adventurous sending out my poems for publication, I’ve encountered a feeling of deja vu. That’s because there are certain poets out there who seem to be following each other around from magazine to magazine. I don’t think it’s premeditated, but I do see a trend.

Recently, I had a poem published in the magazine Scythe, and was amazed to see so many people I “knew.” I had published Jessie Carty, Paul Handley, Corey Mesler and Scott Owens in my Pig in a Poke magazine, and had read for Scott’s Poetry Hickory series. And I had been in the company of Howie Good numerous times in various magazines, and had published his work in the Pig too. I’ve come to see Howie as a good luck charm … if I see his work in a magazine, I’m pretty sure they’ll like mine too.

But William Doreski takes the cake. He has some poems in this issue of Scythe as well. He too has appeared in Pig in a Poke,, but there’s a story beyond that. I was doing some casual bedtime reading a while back, and there in a 1989 issue of Third Lung Review were poems by William Doreski and some guy named Harry Calhoun. So we’ve been following each other around for at least 21 years that I know of!

I went to the current issue of The Momo Reader and guess what I saw? My poems alongside those of Howie Good, William Doreski and Paul Handley. Please, guys, people are gonna start talkin’! In another odd coincidence, Tim Peeler, who edited the aforementioned Third Lung Review, was featured with me in a reading in Hickory, North Carolina this past April — and he has poems in the upcoming third issue of Pig in a Poke.

Gives new meaning to the old saying, “What comes around goes around.” I could certainly be hanging out in worse company!

Recent acceptances and publications:
One poem in the Howls and Pushycats blogspot
Three poems in The Experimental Review
One poem in Wild Goose Poetry Review

Thanks for reading … comments always welcome or at least tolerated. 🙂


~ by harryc13 on August 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Chant of the ever-circling poetry family”

  1. People are already talking–about your poetry and the company you keep. That’s a good thing.

  2. Today I ran into your piece on the same poets appearing in poetry publications with regularity. I too recognize the same names and I only recently returned to submitting poetry in 2008 after a long hiatus. All of those names are very familiar but in my experience, one of them stands out: Howie Good. I have come to believe after viewing hundreds, perhaps thousands, of sites that God is everywhere but Howie Good is catching up. And I say that with all due respect for the man’s work.

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