Another oink-a-thon ready for hungry readers!

Announcing the second issue of Pig in a Poke magazine, live July 1st, 2010!

Hi all,

It’s true … the star-studded second issue of Pig in a Poke is ready for human consumption. We’re probably the only kosher pig in the world — anyone can partake. We got a great response to the first issue, and thanks to all our readers for that. And, of course, thanks to all the great writers who made that response possible.

This issue, we have another stellar lineup for you. I think I found some great poems, and Trina did an incredible job of sorting gold nuggets from the corncobs. Although we have gotten very little shoddy writing … even what we’ve rejected has had its considerable merits. Here’s what this issue offers:

Poetry: Our featured poets are Hosho McCreesh, Christopher Cunningham and Justin Barrett, a talented trio who are attracting a lot of attention—and publication—in the poetry world. And you can’t go wrong with the rest of the crew: Louis McKee, Karla Huston, Robin Stratton, Lyn Lifshin, Corey Mesler, Karl Koweski, Michael L. Newell. Mark Jackley, C. P. Steward, Paul Handley, Scott Owens. Helen Losse and Jessie Carty.

Fiction: On the fiction side, Trina has picked a diverse and talented group of writers as well. The work this issue features short-shorts by Jane Banning and Justin Barrett and stories from Christamar Varicella, Michael C. Keith, Christina Hoag, Jo Janoski, Richard Godwin, T.R. Healy, Heather Clitheroe, Corey Cook and Jeffrey Carl Jefferis.

Essays: We feature some sterling nonfiction with essays by Anne Woodman, Peter Dabbene and Michael L. Newell. Quite a mixture of the thought provoking, fun and downright silly in this section.

Special event for our friends!
On a final note, you can listen to a replay of a show originally broadcast at 9 p.m on July 1st. You can hear Trina reading from several of her stories on a show on Blog Talk Radio called Blink Ink Fiction. Harry and Trina will also discuss Pig in a Poke on the show. Go to the Web site and find the July 1 show or simply call (646) 721-9314.

May you piggyback on our success,

Harry and Trina

New publications:
Orion headless (two poems)
Gutter Eloquence (two poems)
Boston Literary Magazine (two poems)


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