Pig in a Poke magazine is going to live again today, May 1st, 2010!

Big news today for fans of good writing! I’m proud to announce that for the first time in decades, Pig in a Poke magazine is out there again … with a stellar cast of writers.

Pig in a Poke magazine

Back in the 1980s, I edited Pig in a Poke and, when I ran short of money, its smaller, more affordably priced offshoot, Pig in a Pamphlet. (See elsewhere in this blog for details). Now, the Pig’s reincarnation as an online literary journal offers what I think to be an incredible lineup of poetry and fiction, with a few essays too.

My wife Trina Allen edits the fiction and has done a great job with the Web design. She and I worked together to develop the look we wanted … it allows you to spend time with the individual writers in their own intimate spaces. For my part, I choose the poetry and essays, and I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished.

It’s a tribute to the quality and staying power of our writers that I was publishing some of them back in the 1980s … as long ago as 1982, in fact. We also have some newer talent that I think is equally impressive. And by the way, any poets, fiction writers or essayists on this mailing list are more than welcome to submit for future issues.

I hope you’ll drop by, give a read, maybe donate to the cause, and let me know what you think.


The lineup for this issue includes:

Poetry by:
Jim Daniels
Louis McKee
Lyn Lifshin
Howie Good
Christopher Cunningham
William Doreski
David Barker
Shirley Allard
Carol Lynn Grellas
Robin Stratton
Alan Catlin
Karla Huston
Corey Mesler
Donal Mahoney

Fiction by:
Burgess Needle
Sharmagne Leland-St. John
Daniel Davis
Marjorie Petesch
Anne Woodman
Ginny Swart
James Neenan

Essays by:
James Heller Levinson
Anne Woodman

Some well-knowns, some unknowns, but all, I assure you, quality stuff. Drop in and wallow a while in the Pig sty … it’s not a bad place to be! Thanks in advance for your support.



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