Much good news on the poetry front!

It’s been a great year so far for my wife Trina and me. My new chapbook is now out from Flutter Press. It contains 24 poems about, as the Flutter Press site says, “nature, death, relationships and the simple joys and agonies of being alive.” And it’s priced to sell at only $7.50 a copy. I think the cover photo, by my friend and photographer Daryl Woodman, is striking and I think people will find the quality high and the feelings and expression honest.

Cover of the chapbook courtesy of Daryl Woodman

The husband and wife team strikes again!
A while ago, Trina had a story in the same issue of Chiron Review that I had a few poems in. Now, The Dead Mule, that venerable online journal of Southern fiction and poetry, has published Trina’s story “In the Good Old Summertime” in the same issue as five of my newer poems. Visit the site — I think you’ll be entertained. I believe I first got published there back in 1996 and you can still probably find some of my poems in the archives.

The Dead Mule requires an official “Southern Legitimacy Statement” with every submission, and we hope you’ll get a kick (pun intended) out of ours.

In other news, I’ve also resurrected the magazine I edited back in the ’80s, Pig in a Poke. This time, it’s a Web-based publication instead of paper, at least until Trina and I find an affordable way to publish it that way. Trina is in charge of fiction and I handle poems and literary essays, and both of us have been pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the stuff we’ve received. Contact information is on the Web site, which was designed by my very talented wife! Anyone wanting to send along some fiction or poetry, please do. We cannot pay for your efforts, but I promise that you’ll be surrounded by some excellent work.

That’s all for this time … thanks for tuning in!

New acceptances:
Moon Washed Kisses (love poems) — two poems

New publications:
The Dead Mule — five poems
Disingenuous Twaddle (U.K.) — one very weird poem
Chiron Review (print) — four poems
Tomlit (U.K.) — three poems, having some success across the pond


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