Meet the reluctant blogger

Kicking and screaming. This is how I enter into the world of blogging. For years, as every genius, moron and everyone in between blogged his or her thoughts to a largely uncaring Web world, I have resisted. Part of it is because of the ever-popular excuse of “I have too much to do already.” Part of it is that it seems rather narcissistic. Part of it is that I wonder if anyone cares.

So why now? Why does Harry Calhoun enter reluctantly into the world of blogging? Even though I really do have too much else to do, with a job, a burgeoning poetry career and a relationship that I’m bent on keeping happy. Even though it does seem narcissistic, and even if I do wonder if anyone is going to care. There are two big reasons why I am blogging:

1. My wife told me to.
2. It’s a good way to promote that poetry career.

These two reasons are interconnected. Trina, my wife, has long been a believer that blogging would help me get my work noticed. My new book, The Black Dog and the Road, is one example. Finally, grudgingly, I have to admit that it just might help. As for not having time, I recently went to part-time status at my job so that I could buy myself an extra day each week for poetry, blogging and freedom in general. I would not suggest this for everybody. I have given up a fifth of my income in exchange for 52 more days off each year. So if you do it, make sure you’ve looked at all the angles. I did, and so has my wife, who also is on an 80 percent schedule.

As my weekend winds down, I realize that without making the decision to choose poetry over paycheck, I would not be writing this blog. Trina and I experienced computer connection problems that ate up a huge chunk of our day off Friday. Yesterday, our beloved black Lab developed a problem with his tail — break or sprain? — that required an emergency trip to the vet. But because of the time that I have bought myself, voila! This blog.

Which is just an introduction. Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Future blogs will be a lot less about why I’m blogging and more about why we all write, how the process happens, and other general musings on poetry and the poetic process. I hope you’ll tune in and I hope you’ll be entertained.

Next time around: Publishing books and picking covers


~ by harryc13 on March 14, 2010.

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